Golden Lotus Re-Opened Re-Imagined

Golden Lotus

An elevated experience featuring authentic Cantonese cuisine. Our new menu marries traditional flavours with fine ingredients. The Golden Lotus menu brings the best of Asia’s culinary wisdom, designed with flare in a modern atmosphere and a breathtaking view. Golden Lotus invites guests to re-experience a memorable evening.



Deep-fried crab claw, minced shrimp (each) $18

Fried prawn in Hong Kong style (2pieces) $28

Stir-fried pork ribs with orange peel & plum sauce $22

Crispy shrimp & pork wontons with vegetable spring rolls $18



Soup with fish maw, crabmeat & cream corn $26

Soup with minced chicken, corn & egg white $22

Hot & sour soup with shredded chicken, bamboo shoot, black fungus & tofu $18



Peking duck (roasted whole duck served at the table) Choice of lettuce wrap or chopped pieces for the 2nd course. Market Price

Deep-fried squab marinated in chef's special sauce (whole) (preorder required) $62

Deep-fried crispy chicken (half) $45

Deep-fried oysters $48

Pan-fried silver cod with salt & pepper $68



Stir-fried sea limpet & seasonal vegetables in X.O. sauce $68

Braised deep-fried silver cod with tofu & snow pea tips $76

Stir-fried egg white with fresh crab meat & fish roe $48

Stir-fried scallop & bamboo shoot with ginger, onion & Thai chili $58

Stir-fried scallops & prawns with salted duck egg $52

Stir-fried oysters with ginger & scallion $48

Stir-fried chopped chicken with cashew nuts $36

General Tao chicken in house made sauce $28

Braised chicken with salted fish & tofu $38

Braised Japanese tofu with conpoy & enoki mushroom $33

Roasted rack of lamb (4 pieces) $68

Wok-fried sliced beef with king oyster mushroom and scallion $32

Pan-fried beef tenderloin in Chinese style $52

Stir-fried Japanese Wagyu with garlic & bell peppers - Market Price

Stir-fried Chinese broccoli with garlic $25

Stir-fried mixed vegetables with garlic $22



Seasonal Vegetables - Market Price

Seasonal Live Seafood - Market Price

Premium Dried Seafoods - Market Price

Seasonal Desserts - Market Price



Stir-fried Japanese Udon noodle with mixed seafood $36

Stir-fried noodle with mixed seafood $38

Braised E-FU noodle with steamed lobster - Market Price

Stewed noodle with shredded chicken, green chili, ginger and green onion $42

Dried noodle with shrimps and shredded pork in chef's special soybean paste $36

Stir-fried noodle with shredded pork $28

Stir-fried vermicelli with crabmeat and dried shrimps $46

Fresh green bass served in 2 courses - Market Price

Rice noodle soup with shredded chicken, ginger and green onion $48

Fried rice with fresh crab meat, conpoy & egg white $62

Fried rice with chopped abalone, conpoy, mixed seafood & egg white $52

Fried rice with chopped chicken & salted fish $38

Fried rice with sliced beef $32

Fried rice with roasted minced eel $68



Dinner for Two $168

Soup of the day, X.O., Stir-fried pork neck meat and honey beans in X.O. sauce, Fried prawn in Hong Kong style (2 pieces), Braised snow pea tips with bean curd sticks, Fried rice with sliced beef

Dinner for Four $398

Soup of the day, Gui Fei chicken (half), Wok-fried lobster with ginger and green onions, Sweet & sour pork with lychee, Stir-fried beef with celtuce and Chinese yam, Braised snow pea tips with bean curd sticks, Almond sweet soup

Dinner for Six $628

Soup of the day, Peking Duck in 2 courses, Gui Fei chicken (whole), Wok-fried lobster with Maggi sauce, Wok-fried crab with ginger and green onion, Wok-fried scallops & shrimps with seasonal vegetables, Braised deep-fried silver cod with tofu & snow pea tips, Dried noodle with shrimps in chef's special soybean paste

Welcome to Gongfu Cha at the Golden Lotus

Gongfu Cha literally translates as “tea made with skill”

This method of preparing tea originated in China and can be described at the Chinese tea ceremony. Although, centuries old, the way of brewing tea in this fashion is very much alive today. In particular when it involves some of the world’s finest teas.

Gong fu cha differs significantly from the western way of brewing in a large pot or a mug. It uses tiny vessels and a much higher leaf to water ratio combined with shorter brewing times. When used in conjunction with some of the rarest and most well-crafted teas in the world, one can witness an evolution of flavours in the leaf.

You will encounter a progression of scents and flavours that changes as each infusion of the same leaf exposes new nuances on the tea liquor. Experiencing tea through this ancient art is a visual and sensory pleasure that is sure to become a memorable part of your dining experience.

Bai Hao – Oriental Beauty $28

Gaba Oolong $23

Jasmine Dragon Tears $18

Tai Ping Hou Kui $23

Da Hong Pao - Big Red Robe $23

Sheng Pu-erh Coins Vintage $38

Shou Pu-erh Coins Vintage $23

Long Jing Superior Dragonwell Pre-Qingming Xi HU $23

Ti Kwan Yin Deep Baked $23

Yunnan Hong Cha Golden Bud $18

Yin Zheng White Hair Silver Needle – Top Grade $28

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Sunday - Monday
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In the Galleria Shops & Dining area, adjacent to the Avalon Theatre.


Authentic Cantonese Cuisine


Business Casual


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