Sports Betting is Here!

Pick your favourite player, team or game to wager on, all at your favourite casino!

Wagers can be placed through our 21 sports betting kiosks or with an Ambassador at the bet windows, located next to Fallsview Casino’s Main Cage. 

Chat with a Sportsbook Ambassador about the different wagers that can be placed!


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can place Sports bets?

You must be 19 years of age or over to access the kiosks for sports betting. Individuals who are prohibited from attending Ontario gaming sites are not permitted to enter the property.

What are the kiosks for?

With the legalization of sports betting, the kiosks allow you to place wagers on various sports events, teams and players.

Where are the kiosks located?

Fallsview Casino’s kiosks are located NEW OVERTIME Sports Lounge.

Are they real money wagers?

Yes, wagers are placed with real money and be paid out winnings with cash.

What if I want to place a wager, but not at the kiosks?

Sportsbook ambassadors will be on hand to assist with bets at the NEW OVERTIME Sports Lounge.

Can Momentum dollars be used to place wagers?

No, at this time Momentum dollars cannot be used.

Can Momentum dollars be earned through Sports betting?

No, at this time Momentum dollars cannot be earned.

Can I place wagers through a website?

No, the kiosks are set up at each property for placing wagers in person.

Does this connect with online?

No, our sports betting can only be accessed through the kiosks onsite.

Can I use my phone to place bets?

No, our retail sports betting can only be accessed through the kiosks onsite. Sports bets can be placed online at home through the PlayFallsview site.

How do I know what games are available?

The kiosks will show all games available to bet on. This will also be available on screens at the sports betting windows.

Can I watch the sports I’m betting on?

Yes, we will provide sports viewing at Infinity Bar and Splash Bar at Fallsview Casino. We will do our best to accommodate game requests.

Can an associate place Sportsbook bets?

No, associates are not permitted to bet or game at either property.

What sports can you wager on?

We are offering all major North American sports. Our initial offering will be as follows that may change down the road.

  • American Football - NFL / CFL
  • Baseball - MLB
  • Basketball - NBA/WNBA/NCAA Men’s
  • Boxing
  • Curling
  • Soccer - Champions League, English Premier, LA LIGA, internationals, MLS, English Championship, Ligue 1
  • Golf
  • Ice hockey – NHL, world championships
  • Motor Sports
  • Speedway
  • UFC
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Olympic and Championship Events

What are the main wagers accepted?

  • Moneyline Bets - The money line is a straight up wager on who wins the game, fight or any other match up.
  • Point Spread - margin of victory set by the oddsmaker to attract bet action on both the favourite and the underdog. A favourite must win by the number higher than the point spread to cover the spread. An underdog can cover by winning the game or losing by a number less than the spread.
  • Totals (over/under) - a wager placed on whether the combined score of both teams in any given sporting event will be over or under the total points set by the sportsbook.
  • Futures bets - A bet on events that will happen further in the future like who will win the championship or who will win an award.
  • Prop Bets - a bet on anything that is not directly tied to the outcome of the game. It can bet on a team scoring first or a player’s statistics.
  • Parlay - A bet that combines multiple games for a higher pay out. The more games, the higher the risk but the greater the pay-out. If one game loses, the entire bet is lost.
  • Teasers - A teaser is a type of bet when the odds are adjusted. The most common teasers are 6 point 6.5 point and 7 points. The more teams (minimum 2 team) you include in the teaser the higher the payout. All must hit for you to win.
  • Live Betting - Also known as in game betting. Odds are adjusted based on what is going on in the game.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday
11:30AM to 1AM

Friday - Sunday
9:30AM to 1AM